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Real-time data from: 2019-09-18 12:32:17 UTC
  1. $ curl ""
  2. [
  3.   {
  4.      timestamp: 1568809937,
  5.      rates: {
  6.        BCH: 323.142018,
  7.        BTC: 10243.328087,
  8.        ETH: 213.827822,
  9.        EOS: 4.127919,
  10.        LTC: 75.782426,
  11.        XMR: 77.742245,
  12.        385+ coins available
  13.      }
  14.   }
  15. ]
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rate: 10243.328087, high: 10535.00135, low: 10041.8, vol: 16418443097.4, cap: 183796158784.98
  • BTC/USD 0.93%
    10,237.16 USD
    Last 90 days
  • BCH/USD 1.28%
    323.22 USD
    Last 90 days
  • EOS/USD 1.66%
    4.13 USD
    Last 90 days
  • ETH/USD 1.27%
    213.79 USD
    Last 90 days
  • LTC/USD 1.80%
    75.37 USD
    Last 90 days
  • XMR/USD 1.35%
    77.67 USD
    Last 90 days
  • XRP/USD 1.39%
    0.31 USD
    Last 90 days

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